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About Us

About Cafaro Bros

Cafaro Bros has been supplying fishing products and accessories to Glasgow for over 50 years now, and our experience of fishing products and also fishing waters in Scotland is reknowned. Our customers get both the supplies they want and the advice they need and we often put fishers in touch with each other so that they can share their experiences, something which we have consistently been praised for saving our cusomters time and money.

We keep a large stock of reels and rods from a wide range of manufacturers to suit all prices and needs.

We stock reels and rods at a wide range of prices that suit all purses along with all the line and bait that you might need. We are fishers ourselves and know just which equipment is suited best for which purposes. Fishing advice is part of our service.

Our Services

We provide rod and reel repairs and keep live bait on the premises

The best results need the best marraige of equipment to the the circumstances, so we help our customers to find the equipment that they need. We stock also a wide range of parts and accessories for our equipment, helping you to maintain it against the inevitable snags and wear-and-tear that you will encounter.

Our network of satisfied customers has repreatedly proved the most helpful part of our after-sales service, helping new customers to get the results they want the quickest way.

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